New Pet Ideas post yours in comments ill add em

I thought about this for awhile but it would be really cool if cubic castles added these pets?

1) Bugs!
2) minions!
3) Snakes!
4) Salamander-------- (Alvin Adler)
5) Gummy Bear -------(HyperHamsterHero )
6) phoenix , squirrel , fox , death reaper , Chinese dragon-----(HONEY BOMB)
7) Baby Shark-----(DoodleDog)
8) Bird Pet-----(Cubic Pencil)
9) Raccoon-----(Naughty EIf)
10) Farm Series-----(bonari)
11) fish on land,turtle, lion, unicorn, mouse-----(IronFish)

Any ideas on these anyone? Also ill add your ideas!!


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