Grog's Ideas

1 Teleport Blocks - standing on 1 block
teleports you to the linked block in
same room or different room.
2 Harvest block [not a bumper] lets any
player on your friends list harvest
berries, cotton, and rubber, but not the bushes or trunks.
3 Fady Foam/Phantom Foam detector HUD
This would be a button on the HUD [Heads up display] that can be turned off
and on and it would only show up when your in your own room/realm maybe just under the life meter.
This would be just for the owner to view what blocks have foam on them
the blocks in question would "glow" the color of the foam.
4 Sculpty glass
5 pet's feed timer.
6 Turning Rooms into Realms
I think it would be nice to turn a room into a realm; cost would be the
difference between the realm and room as if it was new with no changes to the
room at all except the new door to the overworld.


  • Why would you want to turn a room into a realm? Can’t see why you can’t just purchase a realm.
  • Why would you want to turn a room into a realm? Can’t see why you can’t just purchase a realm.

    well let face it sometimes you buy a 100x100 [or some other size] room and you get this build all done and then you wish you had bought a realm instead.
  • Well, that should be thought about before buying. You need to think if you want it to be a realm or a room. If you buy a room, you get a room.
  • WhimsicalFireflyWhimsicalFirefly Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    I would love the ability to turn a room into a realm and so would a lot of others. I've seen that suggestion before and it would be nice if they could some day add that. There are a lot of amazing builds hidden away in rooms because the owner either didn't have enough cubits for a realm or just didn't think it would be so amazing.

    I also like the harvest block. I've thought many times about how it would be nice to allow others to gather berries, cotton or rubber from my room.
  • I like these, they’re all good suggestions.
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