What to add to cubic castles (Recommended)

So I was thinking early that what thing that makes more challenges and variety in cubic castles. These are updates I will be glad to see that makes sense

1. "Swipe to orbit"
This is basically having to replace the camera joystick like what minecraft has. (I do not know the name of the mechanic)

2. Melee weapons
I am not saying I wanna be cheap, it can be another category besides projectiles.

3. Ocean mine
Cubic castles are probably gonna add more mines but this is one other suggestion I have what the spawn would probably usually look like is wood planks (Not new) and a exit door on top, their can be stuff such as sunken treasure that maybe have like a 20% chance your gonna find the sunken chest. Rare items would probably include Pirate's Flintlock which you can reload it with iron in the workbenches and a pirate hat (Probably in game aready)

4. Boats (Along with ocean mines)
Like cars, they will have a icon or key so you can drop it and summon it, once you start playing, you get a wood raft which acts like a solid object, boats can only be placed on water unless it's a Boat Car, which can be placed on both land and water. (Floats to)

5. NPCs (Wandering)
Now it probably seems like a me problem since I'm lonely, but when nobody is in your realm, this block can make things more lively. Another variant should probably be the rabbit villager.

That's is all I have in mind for now. Remember this is not in the real game yet. Oh yeah tell me how many times I said probably.


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