Grizzly's Halloween Suggestions (Nuclear Wasteland theme)

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Halloween Suggestions!


Broken Statue

a broken statue of an angel

Mossy Tombstones

It's like the other tombstones but this one has green spots and a vine growing on it

Wilted Flower

It's a wilted flower, kinda gloomy

Living Fire Block

An animated block resembling a fire, this would be perfect if we want to create a house burning , or a forest on fire

Halloween Decoration

Resembling the previously released Fiesta Decorations, but these ones have ghosts instead of little flags

Radioactive Barrel

A yellow barrel with a BioHazard sign on it

Radioactive Waste

A light green mud block that harms the player when stepped on it

Radioactive Water

A light green water block that harms the player when swimming in it

Deactivated Nuke

A decorative Nuke that won't explode

BioHazard Sign

A grey sign with a BioHazard warning

Mutant Flowers

A big green Rafflesia, A bigger Venus Flytrap and a Spiky Sunflower


Cheap Knock-Off Ghost Costume

This costume is just a sheet over the Qbee

Cheap Knock-Off Slyme Costume

The Qbee turns into a cardboard box badly painted green

Holdable Axe

Don't worry! It's made of plastic

Holdable Gun

It's not a real gun, It doesn't even work

Pumpkin Cowl And Scarf

Orange cowl with black markings, the scarf will be just like the love scarf, instead of a heart it has a Jack-O'-Lantern

Candy Corn Hat

Don't eat it, it's made of plastic

Giant Lollipop

A giant holdable Lollipop, perfect to whack some players

Radioactive Set

Drawing inspiration from the Dark Traveller Set, this would be similar, just with a light green color and some white patches

HazMat Set

Head, Shirt and Pants. a yellow suit covering the body of the qbee, perfect for exploring the wasteland

Robot Set

Shirt and Pants, grey clothing with little robotic details and a power core in the shirt.

Radioactive Wings

Light green Wings, maybe they could resemble the angel wings

Hornbee Head

A mutant Qbee head that has a big horn on both sides of the head, like a bull

Eyebee Head

a mutant Qbee head covered in eyes, "i can see ALL"

NightShroom Hat

A NightShroom on the Qbee's head


The Qbee's head covered in NAILS

Werewolf Clothing

Shirt and Pants, they could make the skin become furry and brown, maybe some claws on the hands, could be cool to see it added!

Misc. and Events

Slyme Hut

A tiny Slyme that will follow you around.

Robo-Ramm Pet

A grey robotic Ramm pet, only levels up when you feed it with Robot Treats

Bring back past halloween events! Here are some new Plasms you guys could Add to the ghost hunting event!

Starry Plasm: only found on realms with a star stamps

Sunken Plasm: only found on realms with shallow sea stamps

Slimy Plasm: only found on realms with Slyme Invasion Stamp

Bring Back Trick-Or-Treating! and Add new hats to the Ultimate Candy!

I added a few ideas up there, such as the Giant Lollipop and the Candy Corn Hat, maybe those can be dropped from the candies!

Magic Pumpkin

Drop it to summon a floating Jack O' Pumpkin to float around

And... That's Pretty Much It. Hope You Liked My Ideas, Please Comment Which One Was Your Favorite One!


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