Why do people like this game?

it feels like a cash grab game.


  • I’ve been permanent banned for 8 months and I still play daily. Why? I don’t know. There is no answer to your question.
  • AshiMagariAshiMagari The internet :PMember
    Because if you can get past the crappy economy due to the devs' overvaluation of cubits and the players' undervaluation of cubits, it's a decently fun game to play. It's fun to build and mine and hang out with friends. But if you're only in it for the vanity items it wont be fun unless you dump money into it.
  • Why not.
  • The game is unique, its not just some game you find everywhere. Nowadays everyone coming up with un-original ideas. Its Battle Royal this, Call of Duty this, there nothing wrong with those games but they are very repetitive. This game its always newer thing added its not older things, always new things in packs, always newer items added, and tons of things to do. Sure once you get to higher level it gets time consuming but there are other things to do other than level up, levels are a great feature to the game and what you get along with them, but there's other things to do. You can get interested in pixel art, invest in a shop, make YouTube videos. The point being people play the game because its unique.
  • No. It's magic.
  • WhimsicalFireflyWhimsicalFirefly Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    I think a lot of people play because they make friends and realize this game is about the community
  • This is my alternative for minecraft.
  • I just play so I can talk to my friends but most of them are offline when I’m online so... I rarely play now.
  • meeting new online friends is fun!
  • im finding a few loyal friends make this game a bit more fun. and being able help other players can be priceless.
  • I agree with max and whim, the community is what makes this game enjoyable
  • I feel accomplished whenever I sell and item or make a new friend.
    I think that is what gets people
  • I like this game because its like a everyday life that can compare in real life lol - walking,talking to others, have an community, wearing clothes, 3D, Events, games, scammers to have balance in the game bro :D it can compare in real life, but one thing is we cant it food, u know how i think what if this game died, im thinking what game i will play like this survival,story,community game
  • Honestly the reason I play is its a one of a kind game in a way. You know?? It's like you will hardly find any other game like this. The community is great overall. The game is fun and entertaining every day! I will like to go around every realm checking out whats in store. Mini games are fun too! Bombs games, bottomless, classic parkours, everything! I'm glad I found this game back in like 2016(?). Have a great day yall!
  • maxrein said:

    meeting new online friends is fun!

    Yes totally!

  • I prefer non-violent sandbox games. This game meets that bill, for the most part. I like unique games and this one has so much potential. Sometimes the community can be rather juvenile, but over time you can meet some quality folks.

    This is the least cash grab game that I've ever played because the devs have made it possible to earn a bunch of in-game currency (cubits and recubes) through hard work. You can mine and get free cubit drops, you can do daily quests to get a baseline stash of cubits. You can farm to get recubes. Then you can participate in the game economy. You can actually make in-game currency over time without spending a single RL dime. Unfortunately, most younger players are rather impatient or not willing to work. Which is fine, since the devs need RL money investments so they can continue to make the game. I started out investing no money, and have over time tried to invest a bit of RL money into the game to support the devs...not because it's pay to play or a cash grab. If anything, these devs are the most generous of any game I've ever played and I've been playing games like this for over a decade.
  • I play this game because I can connect with amazing, kind people. It’s an amazing community!
  • I play it mainly for the community. But now that more and more of my old friends are leaving, it's just less fun.

    This game is very much player-driven. Artworks and adventures await within, all crafted by fellow players.

    If an economy/trading driven game is what you want, then there are better alternatives. Thing is, that's not really the point of the game.

    it also gives me a social life
  • For me it's the community I go around and see everyone and it feels like a family where not always ganna get along but that's ok cause we work it out
  • It is unique and if it wasn't for all the great friends I have, I probably wouldn't play
  • Contumas said:

    if it wasn't for all the great friends I have, I probably wouldn't play

    Pretty sure that applies to all multiplayer games tho after a while
  • Sarco said:

    Contumas said:

    if it wasn't for all the great friends I have, I probably wouldn't play

    Pretty sure that applies to all multiplayer games tho after a while
    Not really, especially games that u have a different team every time u play
  • Well for me, this is the first game I saw where you get a chance to showcase you build to anyone, to sell items or to learn how to start your own business, to have an opportunity to have friends with other players with different nationality, to train yourself to work hard for something to get it especially cubits and craftables. I am amazed of the graphics and the animations. And the events and small games hosted by players are amazing! Poow!!!

    For short, it is like living in a game. Simulation of life.
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