Fluffy's Art Commissions

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Hi! I'm doing art commissions (again)!
My style has changed a lot since the last time i've done them, and i think it'll be a good time to show it!
Here are some examples





Qbee - 450c

Chibi - 500c

Anime - 3k

My pricing is like this, because it takes me a while to work on these.
Please pay me before i draw your commission! I am doing this so i don't get scammed. If there is some issue, and i'm not able to draw your art, i WILL refund you! Just add me in-game! Or, if you go in my realm named Wonders, there's a tip pig in front of the big tree when you first walk in. You can pay there, BUT you have to do it AFTER you request your commission here, or else i won't know who you are and will not accept the money.


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