Crystalz RC Vend Market is B A C K!

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Crystalz RC Vend Market is back! Yes you heard it right, It's back! But, The Problem is, I don't have that much customers yet..Anyways, Here are the Resources and Craftables that are available to buy!


Coal 100/10c
Iron 100/15c
Stone 100/18c
Silver 100/20c
Gold 100/25c

Trunks 100/20c (Any) ~CLOSED~
Sticks 250/15c

Berries 100/13c
Cotton 100/17c

Rubbers 250/50c (5/c)
Vanish 10/20c
Porcelain 50/15c
Paper 10/10c
Clay 50/10c

Normal Grass 100/10c
Mountain Grass 100/10c
Tropical Grass 100/10c
Dirt 100/10c

Sand 100/10c
White Marble 10/10c
Blue Marble 10/15c
Black Marble 10/20c


N O N E (Need about 250+ vends :c Help!)

I will updated the list, If I have more cubits to buy some vends, Thank you! ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

Thank you so much King and Castillo For the Donations ^^!
Thank you for the Holla @ThisIsNotSlim :)!
Thank you for the Mutant Dog Pet as a Gift, My Best Friend Fsilencef :D!
Thank you for the Princess Hair -JZ- <3!


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