Community Market now officially open!!

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Whim's Community Market is now open and plots are available. If you are interested in getting a plot, please read all of the signs on the blackboard in front of the fountain (there are signs on both sides of the board). If you agree to the rules and have what you need, just let me know and we can talk about getting you set up with a plot. Remember that I can only help one person at a time so please do not think I am ignoring you if I am helping someone or do not respond immediately.

If you have a shop in a realm, I'm also trying some weekly linked doors across the back of the shop. If you claim one of them, please leave a sign with your exact realm name and username on the claim bumper so I can set the link. If these work and get popular I will add more. Right now these are for shops only, please do not claim one if you do not have a shop in a realm to link the door to.

I look forward to seeing you all in there!


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