Guess who's back, back again

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It's me! Did you miss me?
Hello everyone and welcome to my TedX Talk!
How is everyone? I hope you all do amazing. Except for those that wanted me dead and burried deep down.
It's what it is - A halloween miracle! A revival! The living dead! I have risen from the red grounds once more to show y'all that I will always be back.
It wasn't a permanent, unfortunately for the handful of those that risked it all just to have me gone - Bad choice, it didnt work!
I'm ready to have fun once more, within reasonable amounts this time, so that I can spice you all without much right-wing element.
This comeback however comes with a drawback for my fans: I will be inactive around here often. I escaped from the bad habit of checking the forums and I feel much better knowing that no 12 year olds or braindead adults annoy me anymore.
Might be a surprise, but I had no alternate around here. I wasn't even bothered to create one. Forums are not what they used to be anymore - the game isn't what used to be either. Therefore, I'll be active only sometimes, whenever I remember to check the forums.
Reach out to me via PMs or ideally inside the game if you need me.
Note to self: Ragean is not trustworthy.

Peace out.


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