Birthday Giveaway!

It's not here yet but I'm doing a bomb game giveaway on November 1st! (My birthday) Time will hopefully be 6-8PM (EST -6) and if I lose Wi-Fi or something it will hopefully be either be between 9PM-12AM or maybe in nov 2nd morning. Not much to say really, except it isn't really an event xd donate me

The best prize is a Suit Jacket and 2nd best is a witch broom that I bought right before the halloween pack came out.

If you wanna see the bomb game, the realm name is S&E Trading Center and on the 2nd floor there is a portal that says "Bomb Game"

The time of when I do my giveaway is varied mainly because I need time to celebrate my own cake irl xd also because I cannot choose good times.

Thanks to .Emma. for being the biggest part in making the bomb game and to anybody else that helped.

k thats it this was too long of a discussion if u have questions ask in the comments and stuff bye


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