Horses, a maybe new pet

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So me and Sanlyn were mining for monster mash, and this idea came across me for a new pet idea.
I had the thought of adding horses as a new pet. The idea is vague for now, but let me know if you think this is a cool idea or a stupid idea


1. The horses stable would be 2x2x2 cube
2. The horse would function as a normal pet but also be rideable. I thought of this idea because horses are usually associated with rideability.
3. The horse would be fed by crops. Horses are usually fed vegetables, so you could feed them crops that you harvest.
4. The horse would gain speed every 10 levels. So, like growing, the horse would gain either 5% speed every 10 levels or however much it would be.

And thats it! tell me what you think of my idea. I really think it would be a cool pet if it was added. just saying

also mashes are sooooo hard to get for me someone help


  • I love so much this idea! +1k
  • thank you so much! i really hope the admins can make this happen!
  • This has been suggested before, but this is a nice revamp of it. I would like it if it was as slow as a tractor on level 0, and then as fast as a car on 30 or 49
  • yeah, that’s a good idea. Maybe it could get a bit faster than the car for a bit of a novelty change. If the pet does become a thing, I think the price should be around 20k.
  • Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!
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