The Backstory Challenge

Awhile ago, lots of players were making up backstories of their qbees and how they got to where they are now. I'd like to bump up that tradition!

There's no prize or winner, this is just a friendly challenge to write the best backstory for your qbee. How did they get their name? Where did they live before Cubic Castles? Get creative! I'll add mine here soon.



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  • i wasa baby demon and became what we know...thr devilish cat
  • DsBerrypaw was cheap. Is cheap. Will forever be: cheap. That being said, he actually used to have money. For his level, that is. In DsBerrypaw's Realm, he built an empire. Underneath the surface of the fountain was a pool that linked to a stream. Across the stream, he sold clothes to those who could not afford it, and would often throw in a second pair, as he always had lots. Things changed when he eventually bought his dream: a 100x100 for a city. To this day, DsBerrypaw City is changing. That being said, it hasn't had a good reno in awhile. Berry hides somewhere between then, now, and what will be. Often he can be found in his Treasury, trying on clothes in the runway...
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    So.. here goes..
    Once there Was a Qbee named Felion,
    Where'd he got that name? Well No one really knows actually.He Lives in a town called "Tyni Township" Weird Name but sounds cool. One day he decided to go to a forest well because he was bored. Somehow.. He found A Waterfall in the middle of the forest, He was so shocked when he found it.He decided to swim around, And saw a shimmering light behind the waterfall, "wonder what it is" he said.He goes behind the waterfall and found a hidden portal. Woah! What an amazing discovery But then.. As soon as he go near the portal.. the portal sucks everything nears it,Felion Panicked and run as fast as he can..but The Portal sucked him into the void..
    And there he was.. In Cubic Castles
  • There was a place called "WPlanet" also known as Weather Planet! There was a princess named Thundah, She was the one who discovered the universe on her planet. While she was studying more... She saw a strange planet, She went there, she spawned into a place called "Tutorial Realm". Of coure, She completed the tutorial and went into a pink portal, saw some people which they call "QBees". Then some QBees offered to help her discover this kind of planet, Like Ducky Mc DuckFace and more experienced QBees. Now, Thundah is learing more about the planet, and how to get safe! She will tell about her discovery right after she becomes a successful QBee and get to lvl 60!

    The End!
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