1st person mode and pet features

So I suggest that this game adds the ability to go on 1st person mode as it isn't easy to control 3rd person and another suggestion is that pets need more features like animations and stuff.


  • We don't need this game turning into minecraft
  • AzsimuthAzsimuth Member
    edited September 2019
    Visuals would be broken ;-;
  • Going into 1st person would make this game totally different. You would get a completely different experience when playing, and it would need hella much of work. Cubic Castles in 1st person wouldn't be Cubic Castles.
  • First person mode would make the game heavier and slower for people who have slower devices. Bad enough I crash in my iPhone xr
  • First person is not possible, or it is too much work.

    There is no textures made for the bottom of ANY blocks. They would have to make a new bottom texture for everyone block in the game. Which would take forever.

    Then they would have to actually program the first person. Creating new ways to interact with items, mine, build, etc. it is just basically impossible after having the entire game in third person.
  • Hmmm, Minecraft has 1st person, it has advanced animals. Hmmmm
  • JuIius said:

    Hmmm, Minecraft has 1st person, it has advanced animals. Hmmmm

    Hmmmm. First person is a very common viewpoint in many many popular games. Hmmmm many popular games have animals. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
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