Vend Checking cubits And hollawarp link save+Set Own Vends on Rental + Dracula car

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For the first thing is Vend Checking cubits
why im suggest this thing because someone must be trouble to check cubits on they own vend when they renting on someone plots
This work like. when you walk on the vend its show how mny c on the vends.
Im struggle also on this thing. that i need to break the vends just to check the cubits on its.. while its 0 there.. and need wait owner to get online to set the vend back
also someone may be ask. if its will check the other vends too.. well if its did they still cannot take ur c
How this work ? Put the Vending Checking cubits maybe its an item ? or idk.. put its on first place on ur eventory and its work ? just like farm almanac.. or idk how its spell lol

For This Hollawarp Link Save is..
We afk too long on a realm.. then we see soo mny holla about Vending shop and Resource shop or any bomb game..
We cannot click all at the same time.. that why im suggesting this thing
How this work ?
first before you click the holla.. you can save the hollawarp into something on ur list.. or idk
we might miss some giveaway or cheap vending shop..that why im suggestingthis
well idk if it would help.. but this will help for me..

Set Own Vends On Rental !

Mny people already suggest this.. and i already did long time ago.


+Dracula car.. For halloween.. just notice there no car for halloween :(


  • b3achyb3achy Member
    Yes, I agree it would be nice to be able to check the amount of cubits in a vend that I'm using on a rental space. We have a great Community Shop, but you never know what your cubits are in the vends unless you pull the machine.

    Also like the idea of being able to somehow save a hollawarp link. I sometimes want to go to one, but need to jump to a new realm/room first, and I lose the link. Also agree, sometimes there are multiples being broadcast that are of interest. Even if it's just to be able to store 5 max, it would be helpful to have a way to have a short list of interesting hollawarps.
  • love to see you like this suggestion <3
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  • For the holla warp idea, what if the chat didnt reset when you left a room. So you could go to multiple hollas.
  • TreeSaps said:

    For the holla warp idea, what if the chat didnt reset when you left a room. So you could go to multiple hollas.

    that will make mess on chat
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