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So, I want to get back into cubic castles and I haven't played in a very long time. I actually want to know the prices of everything. Is there a place I can go to find the prices of everything in the game?


  • I guess it was called "Nisaw Prices". There you can find all of the wearable prices. If it is not the accurate realm name you can ask again to someone know that.
  • MonopolyManMonopolyMan Member
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    SP Prices as well
  • How long has it been? Glad your Back!
  • I quit updating SP Prices, if you want accurate prices you can go to CJ Prices. Nisaw's prices is an exact rip off of SP, he took all the same prices and design.
  • HispanoHispano Member
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    *Cosmoverse* Nisaw's Prices are good too, if you want good prices CJ Prices are good and Nisaw's Prices are good too :3
  • NisawNisaw Member
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    One point, I’m didn’t take your prices from price Realm also all prices by my 2 pricer updator and we update everyday prices. So don’t start saying somthing you don’t see. Because easily I’m can say you take Prices from me. Also why I’m take it from place out date of prices and I’m have 2 prices updator are pro in price items and people like the accurate of Nisaw Prices So please don’t say somthing you didn’t see.
  • Go to Sp Prices,Nisaw Prices or CJ prices.
  • scorto7scorto7 BelgiumRetired Moderator
    Mr.Kaiky said:

    Go to Sp Prices,Nisaw Prices or CJ prices.

    again.... pay attention to past comments and you will see you just repeated what was already answered!!!
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