The Pen and Pencil (Newspaper!)

CubicPencilCubicPencil Member
edited August 2019 in Player Events & Creations
This will most likely become a flop, but I had an idea of making a newspaper company!

To sign up for newspapers, it is absolutely free. All you need is a warp bumper and a mail box. I will put letters in the mail box of adds to shops and events. To put an add in the paper of your shop or event, all you need is to pay me 100c, and everyone who has signed up for newspapers wI'll receive a paper with that add and other adds in it. You tell me what you want your add to say.

I understand most people would think this is scam, (and it's not) but if people actually sign up and I get lots of envolopes, then this might become a thing!


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