Claw's Halloween Suggestions! + NEW SUGGESTIONS

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Since Halloween is "only" 3 months away, I have thought of some item ideas that would be cool to see in Cubic Castles for the 2019 Halloween Pack.


  • Pumpkin Pile (3 Jack o' Lanterns combined in one block, something like the skull pile)
  • Halloween Lights (Lights in the shapes of pumpkins, bats, skulls etc.)
  • Candy Pile (A bunch of candies, yum!)
  • Qbee brain in a jar (pretty self explanatory)
  • Eye in a jar (pretty self explanatory)
  • Fallen Angel statue (Periodically changing chape, from a praying angel to a daemon)
  • Torture Chair (A wooden chair with spikes on it's bottom, damages players)
  • Undead Grave (When close, the grave would open and a skeleton or a zombie or a pumpkin monster would rise and haunt you in a certain radius, dealing damage)
  • Spears with skulls (wooden spears with pierced Qbee skulls on them)
  • Vine & cracked blocks (stone and stone brick cracked and viny blocks, after some time would be implemented in the crafting system)

Some Block Idea Pictures

Fallen Angel Statue

Candy Pile

Brain in a jar

Halloween Lights example

Torture Chair

Eye in a jar

Spear with skulls

Note: If you find some of these suggestions not "family friendly", remember we have the headless, a mask that spills out blood from your Qbee.


  • Skull Rider (a lot like the Ghost Rider from 2007, but a Qbee shaped skull and a different name so CC doesn't get copyrighted lol) - would be the new rare item, 1% chance
  • Blue Flames (like the Skull Rider, but blue flamed, wouldn't be as rare as the Skull rider, much more of a cheap knock-off like Krimpus)
  • Skull Necklace (a necklace with skulls, pretty much self-explanatory)
  • Daemon Head (self-explanatory)
  • Skeleton Shirt (would replace Qbee's body with bones, ribs, hand bones etc.)
  • Skeleton Legs (same as the shirt, but affects the legs)
  • Spider Head (a furry head [like the one of a tarantula or the bird spider], with 4 little red eyes on it, heads color = black)
  • Web T-Shirt (a plain black shirt with webs all over it with little spiders crawling on it as well)
  • Web Pants (the same as the Web T-Shirt, but affects the legs)
  • Headless Knight (the same as headless, but without the blood. However, when combined with the invisibility robe, it would make you totally invisible o-o)
  • Dead Knight's Armor (knight's armor, rusty, bones would be seen through the holes in the armor, bone hands)
  • Dead Knight's Leggings (the same as the armor, but legs would be seen)
  • Undead King ( a scarier variant of the zombie head with a golden crown, a bit damaged, lost its shininess)
  • Skeleton King (skeleton version of the Undead King)
  • Undead Cape (a red, worn-out cape, gold sides, would be used as the back slot)
  • Bat Head (pretty self-explanatory, furry head with bat ears and big sparkly eyes, small fangs)
  • Ork Head (self-explanatory)
  • Diver Suit ( a yellow colored suit with swamp algae and river weeds covering it)
  • Diver Pants (like the Diver Suit, but affects the leg part)
  • Spider Legs (replaces your back wearable (wings, backpacks etc.) with spider legs)
  • Ghoul Cowl ( a worn out cowl with a fully black face, no eyes, nothing)

Some Wearables Idea Pictures

Skull Rider

Blue Flames

Skull Necklace

Daemon Head

Known to all, the skeleton body, skeleton body and legs mixed

Spider Head/Hat

Spider T-Shirt

Spider Pants

Headless Knight

An image to represent what would the Dead Knight outfit look like

Undead Knight

Skeleton King

Ok, some cuteness now, the bat head

Ork Head

An image to represent what would the diver suit with pants

Just the cowl, not the whole robe

Hand items

  • Devil's Trident (self-explanatory)
  • Candy Wand ( would shoot black candies that would leave a black dusty effect behind them, when hit, would make the player "dizzy", would make the player's screen swirl, and reverse movement controls)
  • Plague Wand (a sickly green coloured wand, would shoot festering balls, would make the person poisoned)
  • Executioner's Axe (self explanatory, a long black coloured handle with a silver axe head)


  • Spudbug pet
  • Undead pet (either a zombie or a skeleton)


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    jacksepticeye jar lets go +1
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    I like the flame head lol
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    The spear with skulls would look fabulous in some graveyards or old crypts and such... Good ideas!
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    DaFrenchy said:

    The spear with skulls would look fabulous in some graveyards or old crypts and such... Good ideas!

    I don't know whether or not the devs took my spider head and skeleton shirt and pants ideas from me or they came up with the ideas themselves, but at least they are now being implemented in game. :D
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    wolf pet is needed
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    New Suggestions!


    • Spooky tree
    • Burning Pumpkins
    • Qbee blood splat (as we all know, when a Qbee is "squashed", it leaves a white splat instead of a red one, so this deco would look like a slime splat, but white)
    • Qbee blood splat glass block
    • Qbee skeleton in a cage
    • Raven Cage
    Ideas Pictures

    Handheld Items

    • Cross ( back in the 16th century, an urban myth, when people believed in witches and vampires, priests pointed a cross into their face, so the abomination would fear God's wrath and die / turn to dust)
    • Lantern ( while holding a lantern, the Qbee would light up his surroundings [if he happens to be in a dark stamp realm] )
    Ideas Pictures


    • A wolf pet

      wolf pet is needed

    • A raven or a crow ( in multiple cultures across the globe, a raven is a sign of death )
    Ideas Pictures
    - none needed, self-explanatory suggestions

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