i need help with college

I have family issues. basically, im 14 and homeschooled, my mum said i'm too stupid to go to college. and I don't want to give up. can you comment what i need to know for college and what u do. thanks

I just want to know what i have to do like exams and do i need to know 2 languages


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    Hey, don’t give up! As long as you try you can make it to college- prove your mom wrong.
    As for requirements... wouldn’t it depend on which college you’re going into and what you’re planning to study?
  • prob not the place to tell that lol

    if your own mom says this, then she's the dumbest one

  • I'd say look for whichever college is more convenient whether this be due to subject speciality or availability, check out the website and you should be able to find the requirements for the various courses, most college courses (based on from what I've seen) will probably require grades in Maths/English + GCSE equivalent (if there is one.) From what I understand you wouldn't need to know any languages unless you were doing a course in languages, though typically education institutions would value one higher under the circumstances one has a language qualification (though I'd say that it's more of a university thing.)
  • my dads gone n my mum says i cant, ouch this is hard makes me cry when i think about it xd
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    well if your mum is saying youre stupid yet your homeschooled then idk

    Could always get an apprenticeship
  • Sarco said:

    well if your mum is saying youre stupid yet your homeschooled then idk

    Could always get an apprenticeship

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    I'd like apply french cooking course(Which benefit my mouth,tres bien) / music course(i love music so why not) / art course ( improving my art skills )
    hmm maybe i'm too greedy :-l

    Each of above you'll learn professional terms
  • im practising science maths english geography physical education and media studies
  • You can do it!! You don’t have to wait for her approval to tell you you are smart. All that matter is that you believe in yourself and I believe you can do it!
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