Selling Cubits/BlackMailing.

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Okay, so for the past couple of months now. There are a FEW players that are selling cubits and it seems something should REALLYshould be done about it. A lot of us experienced players did not think this would be a bigger problem until now. Not only that, but a lot of us also believe that a person with higher power should step in. Selling cubits for irl money isn’t allowed from my knowledge, I will not point at names but certain kiddos have been doing so, and it’s gotten to the point where these trades Have been failing and therefore the trader is either goin’ Bat crap crazy or blackmailing folks. Selling cubits seriously deserves a perm ban, even if the admins know who was selling these cubits but still give them then free pass to play. And then they continue to con the game and cause issues. From what I’ve heard and seen with my own eyes, these types of trades have been going on for a while and all the admins have to do is turn around and there it is, these people go back to blackmailing. Blackmailing is blackmailing, but sometimes it gets a little too FAR. And therefore it causes the player to be REALLY uncomfortable. And now, we all want our game to feel like a safe environment for all the players and even single players. Players can EASILY get blackmailed for revealing personal info, and it’s sad to see a friend betray you. It’s happened in the past and no doubt it’ll happen again.


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    I’ve seen so many cubits and accounts being sold over the years. But they are almost always successful without any admin ever noticing anything. Which makes sense. The people who sell the cubits are usually very smart, as they where able to obtain those cubits. The people who buy the cubits are usually adults with jobs and money, and they know what they are doing. So asking for admins to step in on these cases is essentially impossible, because these exchanges are very hard to notice. I’ve had people ask me to buy cubits over the years. Some of these people are around us. (No, I didn’t buy any). I’ve also seen exchanges happen between big players that never got caught. Because they are smart. Anyways, I’m just saying it’s very hard for the admins to step into these trades when it’s basically impossible to even find them. The only way they find them is if one side realizes they broke the games guidelines, and turns themselves in. Which is silly because they should know what they are getting in to. But, it happens..

    As for the black mailing with personal information. I am almost positive releasing personal information of another person is against the guild lines, and I’m sure black mailing is as well. Get an admin involved and they will bad them if the player is doing wrong.
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    By blackmailing do you mean like the seller will say the buyer was trying to buy cubits from them? As far as I know selling cubits for other currency is illegal and for buying I’m not sure though I would guess it is but idk if they don’t buy any but try to if that’s illegal or not.

    How do you know about certain people any ways?

    Also as dragon pointed out it’s going to be hard for admins to ban people unless people come forward with proof other then that it’s almost impossible unless they just stumble across it.
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    Because hes one of the people who did bought cubits or with other way he took the cubits and never gave the money to the person.
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    lmao rag is right, blackmails my thing. stupid c sellers using ma thing
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    cat amp s said:

    lmao rag is right, blackmails my thing. stupid c sellers using ma thing

    Face palm.
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    NoeNt said:

    Because hes one of the people who did bought cubits or with other way he took the cubits and never gave the money to the person.

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