Sponsored Player Events - Voting - Set 5

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Player Sponsered Event Voting Set 5

Title:A Place Beyond Time
Type:Adventure/Story Map (with hints of parkour, maze, puzzle and scavenger hunt)
Description:A story map where you will venture back in time and find out the truth of the present time.
Win Condition:A guest bumper will be placed in the end of the map and 10 random people will be chosen to receive 5k each.

Player:Ace Ventura :D
Title:Western Secrets!
Description:I will make a huge Desert Themed map with piles of gold hidden everywhere
Type: Race
Winning Condition: Find all of the piles of gold (17) that the Western Qbees dropped!

Player :darkpq
Title :Puzzlescape
Description : I will make a storie and the person needs to get to the end solving puzzles avoiding traps and more.
Type : Puzzle event
Win Condition : Every player that solves it can hit bumpert here will be bumpers for ech ending (5).. then 2 players will be randomly chosen
To get there prize (ech bumper) depending ther ending or how fast they get it
Event Voting
  1. Which event should be sponsored?24 votes
    1. Event1
    2. Event2
    3. Event3


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    Winner is event 1 - A Place beyond Time
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