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Note: If asked by Admins to stop, i'll stop. They run the forums after all.
I was gonna wait until Monday but eh.

Edit: I added a bit of better examples. Ashi is soft shaded while Noura is flat coloured.

So, to not burn myself out by drawing Qbees... and not recreate art threads 1 and 2...

A little Art Raffle it is!

This is a forum based event for players to get some cartoony avatars if they want them, i'm not the best artist but i'm at least decent.

There will be six winners each month, five will get flat coloured Qbee avatars while one Qbee will get a soft shade effect. (like the header Qbee, the shaded winner will be picked by a random generator)

Now for some rules;

1- Comment with a screenshot of your Qbee

2- No double entries, you only get one

3- No trading or trying to trade with others.
If you try to give someone else your win, it will be disqualified.
(It seems rude, but i'm not burning myself out because of this)

4- At the last week or last few days of the month, i'll create a post saying that the raffle ended.
Any entries after that one are null.

5- PMed entries are null, this is a FORUM based raffle.

First raffle ends on the 28th of June.
Winners will be picked by a random generator. (So no favoritism)

June Raffle Winners

- IcyTamTam (done)
- ExCelsius (done)
- Yakroo (done)
- Sir. Porto (Shaded Winner) (done)
- Whatever his name is currently (done)
- Sarco (done)


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