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Noodles. Do you not like Noodles? every likes Noodles. Oh well except people that do not like Noodles.. Then why are you here?

This clan is all about friendship, and helping out new players.
If you stay in the clan for 7-14 days, you will get a wearable!

We got Noodle Leader, the respectable Leader of this clan, not saying his name cause it is not important, [BN], Noodle Admin, trusted friends that help protect the clan, Noodle Helper, a miner that mines for us Noodles, Noodle Member and Noodle Applicant, a new member.

To rank up from Member to Helper, you will have to be polite to us Noodles, and stay in the clan for 1 month. You don't have to mine for us. To rank up from Helper to Admin, you have to be an old trusted friend of mine.Stay in the clan for 2 months and apply. To rank up from Admin to Owner, well, you have to be a trusted friend of mine, and stay in the clan for 6 months.

I will keep updating this!

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