Taking Art Commissions!

Lonely BranchLonely Branch Member
edited July 2018 in Art

Your Qbee in the cc style: 300c (Profile pics fall into this category)

Your Qbee in my style: 500c (Profile pics fall into this category)

Simple logo (like mcdonalds or sonething): 100c

SIMPLE profile pic (like a complex letter like idk just send a ref or smth): 200c


Anything from the above w/a complex background +100c to cost (simple bg is free)

Coloured and Inked (finelined) +50c to cost (shading with pencil is free if you dont want colour and finelines)

Drawn in charcoal (hard as heck) (kinda suck) +25c to cost.

Payment: In person in cc. No other way.

When to pay: BEFORE I start drawing.

Note: I will also post some drawings I draw randomly


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