How to always win in roblox doomspire BrickBattle! (my advice?)

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Well, you came because one I don't multipost anymore, but you also came for some skills I should hope. Well, I'm about to uncover some of my tips and tricks!

Tip 1: Bomb Jump

This trick is so so easy that it is just unbelievable. What you do is you lay a bomb behind you and face the base you want to attack. Then you will fly towards their base!

Tip 2: Eliminate bases faster!!!!

Well this is easier than last but can be a bit hard as people will be aware you are in their base. Go to the bottom floor and lay a bomb near every corner. Their base will eventually fall into an abyss, never to be seen again (until the next round)

Tip 3: Go in groups!

If you all go to the same base there will be more of a chance of them being eliminated.

Thanks for reading (if you still are)


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  • tip 2 side note: you still need to destroy the small pillars that is connected to the bridge, otherwise the whole tower wont fall.

    I used to play roblox alot, sadly mobile data consumes alot when playing roblox.
  • elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember
    its always easy to simply kill the people with a rocket launcher and then just bomb the bottom, i always just do that
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    Didn't mention the sword technique? '-'
    Also if you are falling try and look down and place a wall that way you don't die of fall damage (also another hard way of getting into someones base.)

    -These tips are just from looking at my brother play
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