Thanks so much Sarco!



  • The end, happy ever after. Now shoo.
  • redboat said:

    You are the complete opposite of sdgamez3.
    I see nothing wrong with you and you are a great person.
    And I think you should stay that way.

    thank you :D
  • well:
    1. where are you getting these random ideas? are you pulling them out of a bag and just typing them? i never asked to be a mod
    2. i already did say sorry.not my fault if you didnt understand
  • to be fair u were pretty rude before u said srry
  • 'cuz i didnt want to load up to stuff like
    "i lost one stone help ;o;"
    and "this guy sold me emeralds for 2c! what a bargain!"
  • galantisgalantis Member, Game Moderator
    Leave moderating for moderators.
    Then this all did not happen....
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