a small change with "Kuukimunster"

galantisgalantis Member, Game Moderator
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to prevent confusion... I changed my name from galantis > Akoa > Kuukimunster > galantis.


  • Cool XD I guess I'll be seeing the name "akoa" now
  • Have fun with a clean slate I guess ;)
  • RIP I liked the name galantis. I will have to get use to the name.
  • Oh hi Galantis, hope when I return to CC Ik its u >.>
  • I swear I've heard this name before xD
  • At least this is a much better name than DaLe vANdErLIsER
  • I haven't seen a name like that :)
  • galantisgalantis Member, Game Moderator
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    I'm going to bump this again.

    Changed my nickname from akoa to Kuukimunster.


    Because I play in several community games, there is a other akoa which is a game moderator so I can not use my previous name there.. And that means I had to have a different discord account for each community game.

    Because I am now called Kuukimunster I can use all community games in a discord account.
  • Galantis > Akoa > Kuukimunster (is it cookir monster? lol)
  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
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    Nothing prevented you to play using several usernames ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Well that's unfortunate. I know how terrible it can be to try and use multiple usernames. My one friend goes by a few of em, and I call her the wrong name in the wrong place all the time.
  • galantisgalantis Member, Game Moderator
    edited March 2019
    True, But it is also confusing to use different username on each game, Then you also have to use different discord account which is not possible in a device... And yes I can change my name on a discord server, But this is not allowed in some server... one username for different games is also easy to remember.
  • If that's not allowed, you can always ask some owners / admins to get you a name ^^

    But ye confusing ikr
  • Yep,I try to use the name "Timberton" in all the games I play,its unfortunate when its already taken >.<
  • galantisgalantis Member, Game Moderator
    Some players regret that I have changed my name... and they just called me galantis even after changing my name a few times, so here is galantis again!

    To be honest I had missed this name and I am happy to have it back.
  • O.o how did no one else steal it
  • galantisgalantis Member, Game Moderator
    I knew someone was going to "steal" it, So I thought to create another account with the name on it.
  • PartyParty Member
  • I'm happy you have galantis back I hope your able to use it in all your other community games I'm fortunate that I am able to use the name Chief Blue in all of the other community games so far. So wish you to the best of luck your name :)
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