Incorrect banning of players

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Some of my friend wants to report a player that is a scammer and the one who reported is the one who got banned just like vise versa and now iam banned for reason is that a joke cause i dont even know how i got banned in this game..

I did my best help newbies and even give them items and what did the higher players gave "ban"? Is this a joke?


  • DoodleDogDoodleDog Member
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    How long is your ban? Contact support on for further info about your ban.
  •  gdog gdog Retired Moderator
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    Contact support for any issues or questions about bans
  • ^shikishima^^shikishima^ Member
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    gdog said:

    Contact support for any issues or questions about bans

    I think its about the egg hunt competition because i think they are investigating if some players cheated or being used by other peeps to maintain theyre ranking so ill just wait for 1day to get unbanned because 3 players are banned too and same days and they rae egg hunter too..
    Well thank you gdog.
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