Who's your best cc friend, And why?

! of my closest friends is called brambles, we have known each other for many years than another friend called catness and cherry soda, who is yours :O


  • I don't really have a best cc friend, I just have a LOAD of great friends that I hang out with
  • My best friend is Capt. Shobie Abs and Nicasio!
    Capt. Shobie Abs and me make our coobits rasied again when we got scammed. Sadly we failed and quit last year. But now im back but he did not. He will back at december as he said so I'll just wait him.

    About @Nicasio, he always giving me coobits so that we are best friends xD. Just kidding the main reason is he helps me always if he got time to harvest my corns and so do i helped him when he's harvesting his corns too! Also we talked too much and we got closed and i treat him as best friend! well this past days we talked about something you dont need to know anymore xD.

    And thats it xD
  • As of me my best cc friends is iky, air_ and archer. At the beginning I don't have a friend in this game. It's year 2015 I meet yhana/ almhario and I become a member of HPA and I meet cosmic iking or iky and archer. And we become close we played some game like dragon nest , free fire, and Mobile legends.

    For air_ I become her minning bodies. I like to mine everything to earn some cubits. Now I become the minning for everyone like imnotslim, noent and jernolimit.
  • Wait... what do i have friends?.... hmm.... i think i have....24523
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    Lills555 and okayxjungkook
    because we understand each other perfectly
  • SarcoSarco Member
    @SilverDash , a nice guy in general and generous. - Doesn't play when i'm on or is hiding..
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
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    Sarco said:

    @SilverDash , a nice guy in general and generous. - Doesn't play when i'm on or is hiding..

    I just am never on at the same time as you nub :P
  • noentnoent Member
    Slimmy poo
  • Krispy Kreme. Cuz she and I are relatable. :3
  • WimpyWimpy Member
    Skyy! , we’re both chill i guess lmao
  • :3 *brambles* is awesome
  • MrTacticalthMrTacticalth Member
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    Oof really hard to choose.

    *-Grim Reaper-* perhaps?

    Maybe even @Geezer too, lets not forget about @PinkieKewbie and a new friend that needs to accept my best friend ticket is @Imperial-Storm huhu~
  • Someone named MERCURE because they were the best person online, kind, was never rude, didn't swear, and was an overall amazing person. Too bad they quit, I made a memorial for her
  • Marceline. haha. My actual best friend in real life.
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