Price of ghost costume

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The ghost costume is my favourite item. I am looking forward to buying one, but i would like to know if the price is decreasing, increasing or is already stable. This item has had quite an adventure regarding it's price as in the old days it was like 80k or so (hope i am not mistaken) and it has already raised to a price of 150k ish. I've lost my ghost costume quite some time ago in a really sad way, and it is hard for me to make cubits from nothing and it would really help me to know wether this item will be more accesible iin the future or not. Thank you! Also, here is a poll for fun.
Costumes :)
  1. What is your favourite costume?12 votes
    1. Slime costume
    2. Tree costume
    3. Ghost costume
    4. Snowman costume


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