I Think Prophecy is here :(

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Idk if in some countrys have an earthqueake too....but here in Phillipines we have an earthquake rip....Last 2 Days we felt and earthquake in my place but not kinda strong....Prophecy is here huhu ...Just pray...its not much strong for now but still pray


  • Be safe!!
  • JedeeJedee Member

    Be safe!!

    Thank youuuuu alvin
  • Umm what prophecy???
    Also stay safe peeps!
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    Prediction of "2017's The Big One"
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    Forum bugged
  • .,__,. Explain
  • Prophecy?!
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    Correct me if my facts are kind of off but:

    The "prophecy" being talked about here is a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, which we call "The Big One", that is expected to happen along the West Valley Fault which passes through most of Metro Manila which is possibly the most urban part of the Philippines. about 30k-35k deaths are expected with about 100k injured. Infrastructure damage would probably be about 50% although the problems more worried about is the isolation that would happen to the area affected as well as the earthquake's aftermath namely fires, liquefaction and landslides.
  • And who made this prophecy?
  • For once in ur life u asked a good question
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    It's not necessarily a prophecy. It's a real earthquake expected by scientists and historians. As faults are bound to move every now and then and this fault hasn't moved in a long long time which makes the impact and magnitude increase.

    The West Valley Fault system has been reported to have moved 4 times in the past 1400 years and the last time it moved was 356 years ago which is why it is expected to happen any time now.

    Edit: also read an article saying that according to Jerry Velasquez of United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, The Big One will indeed happen, no one knows when.
  • Ya Im not impressed or scared or anything by this news
  • Dude don't be insensitive
  • I hope nothing bad happens o_o
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    Ya Im not impressed or scared or anything by this news

    It's alright, you won't be affected anyway. It isn't really necessary to act tough though. I'm just gonna ask for sympathy and sensitivity for the people who will be affected.
    Log_er said:

    I hope nothing bad happens o_o

    I think I can speak on behalf of the Filipinos when thanking you and everyone for these and we are trying to avoid possible casualties as much as we can. :)
  • Well sorry I didn't mean to be insensitive
    Well if it does come I hope not to much damage is done.
  • gl
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