Noodle Building Inc.

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No, i do not build noodles.

(I have changed my name to BoilingNoodles huhu~)

Welcome to Noodle Building Inc. Where all your buildings come true!! :D!

Ok, but What.

I help people build stuff--->They pay me---->I save cubits---> I save cubits?

Like if you get the reference :D
No actually i will use all the cubits i get to donate to newbies! (Maybe if someone's generous enough to overpay me i will save up for a chick pet!! *Sparkly eyes*)

Ok, there are 2 options to choose from.

1.Pay half the price but provide materials.
After we chat a little bit, I'll list you a couple of things to buy, and you will pay half the price!

2.Pay all the cubits but I will get materials
Ok, i hate getting materials.

Oh god, I'm back for prices! I forgot the prices!!! Nuuu!!!

5x5 realm/room= Ok you can do it yourself.
33x33 realm/room= 2k
55x55 realm/room=4k
77x77 realm/room=5,5k
99x99 realm/room=7k
100x100 realm/room=7,001c

Note:Prices might be cheaper than any other thread you find.

Add me if you are interested, BoilingNoodles :D!!

Ps. If you ask to see my builds, just add me and meet me ingame so i can show them to you!

Also, @tripjoyy where is the realm with the islands i built for you, heh, that's a nice example to show to da peepols


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