Suggestion for Next Year's Egg Hunt.

Whilst I do believe that the egg hunting has been extremely well done this year, with both the pows AND egg hunt, there is always room for improvement!

Something that I have found to be irritating is that when entering the mine/realm when hunting, it can often be empty, due to people not signalling when they have already used it. So, here's an idea - you could have an indicator either via a system message, or a little counter in the top corner of the screen (the counter could be influenced by some sort of handheld item like an easter basket, that of the jack-o-lantern), that shows how many eggs are left in the realm. Here's a little UI countdown board of sorts i quickly cooked up in photoshop, to help better visualise the idea! :)

Thanks for reading my idea! :)


  • sdgamez3sdgamez3 Member
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    But then again if it comes with a rare item then it isn't fair for new players
  • RemmRemm Member
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    Ppl finding eggs can you pls “signalling” by removing a grass block by the door. Thank you
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    Lol I actually thought of this too! I hope it gets implemented
  • punpudlepunpudle Member
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    -1 it will ruin the surprise of the eggs and stuff. It will be annoying tho if it is empty but it will have an easier chance for people to get them which will make them search until there is none left which will lead to more empty mines until they reset or the eggs respawn.
  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    +1 since I think I recommended this last year too ;)
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    How things went this year, I do not think there will be one.
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