Never Have I Ever!

Hideous DemonHideous Demon Member
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This is a simple game where you just say never have i ever (something) and the next person replies with i have or i have never, i'll start

Never have I ever had an itch I could not scratch in public


  • I have never.
    I have never ever saw BunnyZilla
  • Never

    Never have I ever sweared on the forums
  • Never
    Never have I ever killed a bug
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    Never have i ever cheated on a test
  • Ever

    Never have i ever cheated on a test

    Did a few times lmao

    Never have I ever smoked? :o
  • Never

    Never have I ever cheated in a game
  • Ever

    Ever had i liked spiders
  • I Have

    Never have I ever never have I ever eaten an insect
  • Never

    Never have I ever tripped someone on purpose
  • Pfffffft whhhhaaaaaaaaaat. Perhaps an "ever" is in need.

    Never have I ever stared at someone for too long
  • SarcoSarco Member
    Don't know what counts as too long... But I guess ever

    Never have I ever witnessed a crime
  • Never
    Never have I Ever Scammed
  • Never

    Never have I ever visited another country
  • Never

    Never have i ever started laughing for no reason
  • Umm I'd say never....

    Never have I ever tripped myself and accidentally fell down the stairs and fell in front of your mother who had milk bottles in her hands which then fell out and broke, thr milk was around the whole damn place and then I had to clean it up?
  • sdgamez3sdgamez3 Member
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    Never but I'm guessing it happened to you.....Must have felt bad man.

    Never have I ever seen a king dance
  • SarcoSarco Member

    Never have I ever broke pixel blocks accidentally
  • Mom, come pick me up im scared.... (Yes i have)

    Never have i ever burried my sister's hamster next to a tree with a little tubestone so whenever we to to school we can pray to the little lost hamster
  • I have!Never

    Never have I ever met someone thats famous
  • Ever

    Never have I ever eaten a salmon
  • ever

    never have i ever held over 1m
  • Ever

    Never Have I Ever Went To A Holla That Said Cheap Items And It Was Actually Cheap
  • Ever (my own 1 cubit shop)
    Never have i ever revealled my voice to the cc community.
  • I have (idk if those people noticed it though)

    Never have i ever gone completely broke on cubits because of opening packs (0 cubits with no reserved cubits in a piggy)
  • Never

    Never have I ever lost items in the lobby by dropping them then relogging
  • The Death ReaperThe Death Reaper Behind youMember

    Never have I directly murdered someone. ;)
  • I'd say it was an accident.... Sorry Grace's yumberry bush but you were stealing my gf the cotton busb >:C

    Never have i ever gave a noob something that costs 1k c
  • Never

    Never have I ever hosted a bomb game
  • - Vlad -- Vlad - Member
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    Ever, ofc!

    Never have i ever fell in love.
  • Many times *lennyface*

    Never have I ever died and respawned IRL ...
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