I Have a Problem

AkoSiGranicusAkoSiGranicus Member
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I reported here because support ticket have a problem on my website

My problem:
Many of my realms are un-buildable...idk why its happen...when i build it on Overworld the sign will pop and shows that iam not a owner of that realms

Please help me
I need to build my realms
My realms that cant be build are:

Almighty One Mini-Events
Almighty One Fun Park
And many more Named As Almighty One...


  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    i dont know based of your message if you did it or not, but i would ask support about it because i dont know how else it can be done, but maybe try to do /owner in all of the affected realms
  • AkoSiGranicusAkoSiGranicus Member
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    All my deeds are not placable idk why Search Almighty One and you can see many realm named as Almighty One that's my realms
  • GalantisGalantis Member
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    I spoke with this player, and explained how he can send a ticked to support... he will send a ticked ^^
  • NoeNtNoeNt Member
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    Go trash the realms papers that you can not place in the overworld. Mabz will give you a new realm paper that you will be able to place them in the overworld
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