What if we would wear wigs with hats...?

TimbertonTimberton Member
edited March 2019 in Suggestions & Comments
As a player of CC for 2 years and over (and someone who really wants to wear a Black aristocrat wig with reindeer antlers) I think it,would be cool if you could wear any hat with and wig,I know some wigs are rly big,so if it was say a grande wig the,say,Crown would be then worn on the very top of the wig,basicly (but not basicly) you would he able to wear any hat on top of any wig,this,would ofcourse, cancel out masks that enclose the entire head of a qbee but not exclude masks such as,fr example,ones like the Welder's mask or Sheymin's mask,I think it would be a cool thing to do,creating tons of ways to wear a hat and a wig,I know this could take perhaps quite a bit of work and I'm sure the devs has a lot on their plate ATM,with the over world update,the next packs,and bug fixes etc,but I would like to know if this could be an update sometime in the future,let me know if you guys would also like this feature,



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