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Hello EveryOne This Will Be My “SMALL” Suggestions Post!


1.Egg Costume

This Will Be A Decorated Egg Costume With 2 Little Chicken Legs Coming From The Dow Of The Egg

2.Apple Head

This Will Be An Apple Couvering All The Qbee Face With 2 Dodeling Eyes



This Will Be In The Place Of The TuTu And Yea It Will Be A Wereable

2.Sun Pet

This Will Be A Really Rare Pet That It Will Be A Floating Sun With A Pair Of Sun Glasses On Him (Lvl Max Will Be The Same But Bigger)

3.Bouncing Ball

This Will Be A Ball That Will Be On Your Hand Bouncing Each Time U Press The Wand Button


1. Log Costume

This Will Be A Log That Is Basically A Costume That You Wear With Qbee Hands On Each Side

2. Chirismast Lights

A Decorarion To Decor Your House


This Will Be A Qbee That Will Be In A Gift And Have Arms And Legs Coming From The Sides And Bottom


1.Slime Pet

This Will Be The Slime On A Box But With Big Eyes And Cutter (Lvl Max Will Be A Floating Slime)

2.Crazy Doctor Mask

This Will Be A Complete Set Of: A Withe Hair, Withe Beard And Green Glasses Mask

3.Invisible Man Costume

This Will Be A Costume That Will Make You Invisible But You Will Wear A Brown Hat And Sun Glasses


1. Stone qbee costume

This will be a costume like a stone loockish qbee


1. Dances/Emotes

This Will Be A Button That Will Be On The Corner On The Screen That When You Press It A Square With Different Emotes And Dances, Emotes Will Be On The Cubit Shop


1.Egg Movile

This Will Be Another Season Car Wich Will Be An Horizontal Egg With 4 Tires And Broken On The Top So We Can See The Qbee In Side. (Easter)

2.Pump Car

This Will Be A Pumping But With A Glass On It’s Front And With 4 Wheels (Halloween)

3.Tree’ o Car

This Will Be A Red Car That Will Have A Chirismast Tree On The Top(X-Mas)

4.Singing Car

This will be a normal car that could go spreading some happy music and the music it plays could be changed each time you enter the vehicle



Comment Wich Is Your Favourite!


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