HONEY's EASTER SUGGESTIONS ´͈ ᵕ `͈ (New item added)

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I've decided to create a separate thread to emphasize easter theme
and some pictures from my recube plant stuff idea :)
1: gorgeous vase to put flower

2:Some new umbrella to replace black umb

3:Flower petal(like rose petal)

4:Moss grass block ! soft and comfortable uwu (Added!)

5:Easter egg tree deco

6:Bunny backpack (No credit on alvin's suggestion and +BiBi+ :c )

7:Butterfly on nose

8:White horse pet kennel

9:Flower origami(can be placed on wall , floor)

10:Some flower to put in vase/floor :3

11:Easter dessert cart

12:Horse and carriage(Car)

13:Flower bouquet (wearables)

14:Tulip in cage , Tulip nest & Bunny sculpture :P

15:Golden egg decoration

I have an idea:Gold+mortar and pestle=Gold dye , gold dye + any type of easter egg = Golden egg :o
16:Bird cage chair (sit-able :o)

17:Cotton Candy machine decoration (My idea on julie's suggetion)

18:Hold-able Cotton Candy :P ( My idea on julie's suggestion )

19:Pastel strip maracas ! (Hold-able)

20:Wind chime-make sound to give you cool feelings :o (useful decoration)(area 5x5 blocks)

21:Baby breath flower:Will be cool if this added :P

22:Ocarina (wear it like trumpet)

23:Tulips in basket (hold-able) : Red riding hood girl :0
24:Easter strip meringue cookies ! For snacks XD

25:Pastel wearable kites :3

26:Cuckoo clock deco :

27:Puddle!When step it splash :o

28:DIY easter bunny villager houses (4 colors)

29:Ivy(2 kinds , one is massive and one single)

30:Gold leaf

31:Neapolitan color Tent/Baldachin : Decoration that similar to Summer tent

32:Lotus leaf umbrella

33:Pastel colors soft toy blocks(Childhood dream) (made by the soft material that i don't know what is it called anyway not made by plastic or wood)(not a single decoration , but buildable with parts ! )
We have these shapes 1:Cube

34:Tiny wooden dolls (4 types of Pastel colors)

35:Pastel ladder shelf(placed flowerpot , books , and picture frame)(Single decoration)

Note:Pictures just for example but i wonder if they are added in game uwu
The most important:Easter pastel strip block-Never forget the strips of easter uwu

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