Improvising the overworld

New Castle/Overworld Stamps
-Elder Tree Stamp
-Mountain Stamp
-Water Puddle Stamp
-Cave Stamp
-more nature stamps thingies
Wild Animals in Mines
-Wild doog(forest mines)
-wild raam(mountain mines)
-wild cat(forest mines)
-wild kangaroo(desert mines)
-wild ostrich(desert mines)
-wild penguins(arctic mines)
*Additional Animals
-Woolf(mountain mines)
-Moonkeys(Tropical mines)
You can't tame them because the people who have pets today will regret that they bought em and some are aggresive some are not
ADDITIONAL SUGGESTION( not related to the overworld )
Flying pets pls
-Eagle Pet
_Crow/Raven Pet
-Dove pet
-pigeon pet
-love birds
they follow you. that's what they do. yey.
Hope you like this suggestion


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