-All Bugs that i seen-

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#1:Tileset is projected on a qbee. It is really annoying. To fix this you only need to relog though.
#2: Keyboard issues on telephones: A lot of time it accured to me that either my keyboard does NOT appear, or i can't see what im typing becasue of it! Reloging fixes this one too! But please add a CC keyboard.
#3: There are mines callled "RAY"
#4: Somtimes realms are marked for having people in them, when they don't.
#5: Lagg "duplicates" items
-As i see more, i will write down more-
Did any of these happened to you?
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    2. No!
  2. Are they rare9 votes
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  3. Do you like 'em? :39 votes
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    2. C+++!


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    The ones i hate are the tileset one and keyboard issues
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    Cc keyboard is not possible due to cross platform coding
    Ray mines have been there for long. Aren't gonna get fixed.
    The popular realms thingy resets every half an hour or so and that's why even realms with no ppl are found there or are shown occupied on the sky map
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