Log and Eithy's Block Vends (selling sculpty)

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Head to The realm "Log and Eithy's Block Vends" to buy the following blocks:


  • Green 10/20c

  • Light Green 10/20c

  • Light Grey 10/20c

  • Dark Grey 10/20c

  • Purple 10/20c

  • Aqua (cyan) 10/20c

  • Light Blue 10/20c

  • Dark Blue 10/20c

  • Yellow 10/20c

  • Red 10/20c

  • White 10/20c

  • Pink 10/20c

  • Tan 10/20c

  • Brown 10/20c

  • Orange 10/20c

  • Stone 10/25c

  • Bark 10/30c

  • Old Wood 10/20c

  • New Wood 10/20c

  • Coal 10/18c

Last Restocked: 1/21/19 - January 7, 2019 [21/1/19 if you're not American]

More blocks are to come soon. Contact Log_er if you need assistance.
Log's discord: Log_er#4306


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