Game Won’t Load

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When I load cc on my pc it never gets past finding server. The game won’t even make it to the login screen. I’ve already removed it from my pc and redownloaded it.


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    Bump :C
  • Have you tried signing out of steam?
  • Did you try restarting or re-plugging the pc?
  • Have you tried restarting your WiFi router or running Windows network dianostics?
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    I’ve deleted steam, redownloaded steam. Deleted Cubic Castles, redownloaded Cubic Castles. I’ve checked my WiFi. I’ve completely restarted my PC. Everything works except Cubic Castles.
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    Do you have a static IP?
  • lucaaa795 said:

    Do you have a static IP?

    While all of us suggest stupid things Luca uses his brain XD
  • It happens to me to. But my thing is lag too much and its only cc that's lag alot, sometimes I crash
  • cant you just play on mobile?
  • He can probably but he would like to play on his pc as well
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    lucaaa795 said:

    Do you have a static IP?

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    mine is stop working.. on 1% loading.. this thing happend to me since xmas update..

    i can't play cc.. But Glad my bro had laptop..
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    Bump .-.
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    This can be closed. Thank you @lucaaa795
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