♡~Alvin's Valentine Pack Suggestions~♡

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Note : Don't complain if you think I copy ur idea, we might have same ideas.
[Canceled = Added]

Rework :

Valentine candies is useless, why don't make after we eat we have hearts around us too?

Blocks/Decorations :

Chocolate Box (Placement)
Teddy Bear Chair/Sofa (We can sit)
Heart Shaped Balloons
Heart Bush
Heart Tree
Heart Stump
Love Letters Pile
Ring in a Box
Swan Sign
Chocolate Fountain
Heart Wall
Heart Shaped Chocolates Plate
Love Potion(Which same with Halloween's but pink)
Love Frame
Love Fence
Swan Chair

Outfit :

White Suit
White Suit Pants (Which with belt or idk)
Wuvva Skirt
Fake Halo(Copied from fake krampus lol)
Heart Lollipop (Hold)
Rose Bouquet (Hold)
Wedding Dress Top
Wedding Dress Bottom
Wuvva Backpack
Heart Tiara
Cupid's Arrow
Teddy Bear Outfit
White Wuvua scarf (A white scarf with a heart)
Swan Wings
Wuvva Bow

Anothers :

SwanMobile (A car which with swan design?)
Rose Petal Weather Stamp - =JusT_NicK=
Swan Pet
Couple Birds Pet
Heart Firecracker (Pink/Red/White)
Love Seeker Mark (We have egg why not heart?)
Pearl Ring (Cheaper and Normal than Diamond Ring)

*I Will Add More Soon >.>*


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