Size Of Realm Or Room

Before u actually buy realms or rooms you change the size and wether you want it empty, forest, desert. I had an idea, when changing size of room/realm. You can see how big it is, as in length bigger or width bigger, I've actually had accidents buying realms.

A little version of the realm/room. For those of you who get what I mean can you explain this in the simplest form?


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    It doesn’t matter what’s the length and width. You can move the door.
  • U said:

    It doesn’t matter what’s the length and width. You can move the door.

    Not the angle, and if it is not square realm/room, this can mess up the whole plan for a build.
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    Do you mean the starting camera angle when you enter a room?
    You're always facing south when you enter a room or realm, and north/south is the same as Length. Width is east/west.
    Rooms are width x length, so a 21x51 room/realm would be 21 blocks east/west, and 51 blocks north/south. Since you face south when you enter, you would have 10 blocks on either side of you, 25 in front, and 25 behind. The door is in the center with you.
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    Hmmm i dont think this is will be added, but it isnt impossible to make a info thread about it
  • He means like a preview before you buy the realm ,but I mean you should know about the amount of blocks you need (width and length wise) so i usually just buy a area and add a few blocks for a bumper zone and i'm fine and i put a bottomless or cover it wit blocks and I'm fine.
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