Your Favorite or Pop. looks?



  • DoodleDogDoodleDog FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    My permanent set is:
    Press Hat
    Red & Green Scarf
    Coke Bottle Glasses (I love em)
    Suit Jacket
    Black Pants
    My lovely KamiKitty
    I think it's the most "attractive" set I ever had.
  • [BN][BN] Member
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    Permanent set:
    Bunny tophat
    Black robe
    Round sunglasses
    Pilgrim set
    Pet bunny

    Old set:
    Black plague mask
    White robe & cowl
    Dog pet

  • HoneydropHoneydrop Member
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    If I had a choice of a perma set, it would be:

    -Bunny ears
    -Starry Scarf
    -Elf shirt
    -Elf pants
    -Bunny tail
    -Coke bottle glasses
    -Pumpkin balloon

    Which above is my set rn, so idk if it would change :3
  • MedicationsMedications Member
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    mine is a bit of a progress.
    I wanted to make a "cupid cat" or something but I want it to be simple.

    around 2017 I was wearing:
    Cat Ears
    Wuvva Shirt (red)
    Cupid Wings
    Blue Pants
    Cat Tail

    Then Farm pack came out, hence changing my blue pants to farmer jeans since it looks more of a pants with shoes.

    then I completed my set after love pack 2018 came out. Replacing my Cupid wings with Wuvva Scarf.

    My Permanent Set would be:

    Cat Ears
    Wuvva Scarf
    Wuvva Shirt (red)
    Farmer Pants
    Cat Tail

    I just like to share my outfit origin.
  • LateComLateCom Member
    158.85 Karma
    Roman Helmet
    Black robe
    Turkey tail
  • 18.75 Karma
    I have like 3 main sets that i use..

    -Red Wiz
    -Red wuvva shirt
    -Santa Pants
    -Blue Wiz
    -Chef Coat
    -Farmer's Jeans
    -Black Wiz
    -Suit Jacket
    -Black Pants

    I also use more stuff with those sets:

    -Exe mask
    -Cat Tail
    -B/w scarff
  • +Immortal++Immortal+ Member
    16.80 Karma
    Krampus, Black robe, White skirt
  • Da FarmerDa Farmer Member
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    IGN: Da Farmer
    Perm Clothes:
    Farmer's Hat
    Farmer's Overalls
    Farmer's Jeans
    Plague Doctor (Orange)
  • GeezerGeezer Member
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    outfit atm
    easter umbrella
    dark angel wings
    santa shirt
    santa pants
  • *Shade**Shade* Member
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    IGN: *Shade*
    What i always have on me:
    Bunny Tophat
    Suit Jacket
    Pjs/Black Pants (Depends on my mood cx)
    Starry Scarf
    Fizzled Wand
    Personality OwO
  • PaulineeenclPaulineeencl Member
    11.55 Karma
    my permanent set:
    My qbee head
    My qbee hands
    My qbee fats and body
    My qbee Feet
  • Cornstalk!Cornstalk! Member
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    My outfit is the following Paperbag Hat
  • JasonGraceJasonGrace Member
    3.50 Karma
    Press Hat
    Dark Angel
    Chef Coat
    Pilgrim Pants
    Shrink Wand

    I love the look tbh you look like some sort of fedora angel
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