Stucking in Slymoria

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Hello Guys, my account is stuck in that realm, i cant get out even i even i press i m ready and it keep fetching realm information.It take like forever. I try a lot of thing but still be inside there. I m wondering if anyone can help me. Admin also please help get my account out


  • It happens to my friends too, i don't know but the only way is to finish the adventure.
  • My friend stuck there too, cant get out and make new acc straight lol
  • Oh so i m not the only one who stuck there. Admin please read this and help us. I cant quit the adventure mode. I mean it like when u try to quit it and it will keep fetching the realm forever.I hope any Admin can please help us to solve this.Maybe just move our character to the lobby. Thanks much if anyone can solve this.
  • There is a start at home button.
  • No i pressed that and it still go back into the adventure mode(Slymoria) I tried that before. But thanks to give the suggestion.
  • Try done it and go out lol, it won't take too much time, if ypu dont know how to done it you can just YT search
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    Please contact support for help with this.
  • I thought this bug was fixed
  • Thanks for fixing this.
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