Your Favorite or Pop. looks?

JedeeJedee Member
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What is your Permanent set clothing in game ? or popular image in game ? what do i mean ?
your clothing that have been seen around everyday on players/Qbee ?

IGN Name: Space_Fetus
Everyone knows this guy has :
Red Cowl
Red Robe
Imp tail
Executioner Mask
That hes Permanent Looks or Everytime were looking on him

So thats my point so uhhhh...
some players dont really like having forever Looks for items XD
Some players Really love doing changing clothes or ETc XD

so ummm....Comment Down your Popular Looks or like i said....some players really love changing clothes every day XD.
so if your the one of that players...just type 'None'

So Thats all for my Discussion/Topic.......Thanks for Reading <3


  • CD87CD87 Member
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    My "permanent set" has been around since the first egg hunt. It consists of:

    + Halo
    + Easter Umbrella
    + White Robe (+ White Skirts - these are a pair)
    + Chef Coat
    + Grey Pants

    The robe is essential to me, as it makes my movement look swifter and more accurate, which is very useful in parkours. (That's also why I love robe so much :3)
  • UU Member
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    Only reindeer antlers.
  • rayverrayver Member
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    Mine is. everythin with scythe...
  • -Alvin--Alvin- Member
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    Permanent set errr :

    Press Hat
    Starry Scarf
    Black Pants
    Executioner's Mask
    Red Balloon/Black Umbrella
  • AJ BaryzaAJ Baryza Member
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    Permanent set:
    Blue bunny ear
    Starry scarf
    Pilgrim coat
    Bunny ear
    Black pant
  • TracherustTracherust Member
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    AJ Baryza said:

    Permanent set:
    Spiderbrella Scarf

    Excuse me what?
  • -Alvin--Alvin- Member
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    AJ Baryza said:

    Permanent set:
    Spiderbrella Scarf

    Excuse me what?
    Spiderbrella scarf xD
  • Mr.GranicusMr.Granicus Member
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    - Sheik Hat
    - Suit Jacket
    - Round Glasses
    - Black Pants
    - O/Y Scarf
  • LiberatedLiberated Member
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    Red Robe
    Robot Mask

    - I do change my outfit very often, but if I had to choose any set to wear any day, it would be that above.
  • HophHoph Member
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    • High Hat
    • Executioner's Mask
    • Suit Jacket
    • Black Pants
    EDIT: Has been my set since 2016.
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
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    Top hat
    Farmer Jeans
    Suit Jacket.
    I usually wear a scarf. I am not a fan of wings. I do change the scarf quite often, though. Same for the handheld item.
  • SarcoSarco Member
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    Mummy head
    Vampire cape
    Chef coat
    Black pants (sometimes pink)
  • ValyreenaValyreena Member
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    Combat Red Bow. End of the convo !!!
  • MiwkyMiwky at your house stealing your Peanut butter jarMember
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    Racoon Ears
    Cat Tail
    White wuvva shirt
    and ladybug wings because it's cute and sorta looks like a bag
  • AJ BaryzaAJ Baryza Member
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    AJ Baryza said:

    Permanent set:
    Spiderbrella Scarf

    Excuse me what?
    Oh god typo lel sorry, i didnt focuse while writing that xD
  • SpaceChickenSpaceChicken Member
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    My favourite hat I've discovered so far is a robin hood cap so i usually wear that and the rest changes a lot.
  • Graceful ThunderGraceful Thunder Game Moderator
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    Green Grande Dame Wig
    White Shirt
    White Flower Skirt
    Cupid Wings
    Black Umbrella

    Some people told me I look like Mary Poppins or the Starbucks logo.
  • iitssaera?iitssaera? Member
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    Green Grande Dame Wig
    White Shirt
    White Flower Skirt
    Cupid Wings
    Black Umbrella

    Some people told me I look like Mary Poppins or the Starbucks logo.

    I've never thought of that!! Now that I think of it, you kind of do look like the Starbucks logo O.o
  • iitssaera?iitssaera? Member
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    I have always been changing my set a lot, but I finally found a permanent set that I will *hopefully* keep:

    -Nurse Hat
    -Mummy Shirt
    -Black Tutu
    -Dark Angel Wings
    -Motley Pants
  • XysiXysi Member
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    Black Shirt
    Pink Pants

    But seriously my costume is:

    Nurse Hat
    Love Balloon
    Motley Shirt
    Motley Pants
    Firework Backpack
    Coke Bottle Glasses
  • GeezerGeezer Member
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    my costume is generally:
    gas mask
    exe mask
    santa shirt
    santa pants
    d angel wings
    and any pet that i decide that generally depends on the season
  • PontoZenPontoZen Member
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    I've been wearing this outfit for around 2 years I think:
    - Aviator Hat
    - Bandit Mask
    - Suit Jacket
    - Dark Angel Wings
    - Black Pants
    - After the Halloween update I also added a Scythe
  • HispanoHispano Member
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    I weared the same outfit for 1 year or more.

    Turkey Beak
    Yellow Cowl
    Yellow shirt
    Yellow pants
    Cupid's Wings
  • SarcoSarco Member
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    A set that I used to wear was
    Dunce cap,
    chef coat,
    and black pants
  • SawatawananaSawatawanana Member
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    Pilgrim's Bonnet
    White Shirt
    Cupid Wings
    White Skirt
    Pink Bikini Bottoms
    ... and sometimes a Take This Flower

    Old one cause why not :P

    Blue Wizard Hat
    Nerd Glasses
    Blue & White Scarf
    Yellow Shirt
    Blue Pants
    Wizard's Staff
  • Log_erLog_er FamiliarMember, Familiar
    74.95 KarmaFamiliar
    Mr. Christmas costume / tree costume
  • xeymirxeymir Member
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    I just really like this :

    Ram horns
    Pinking trick or treat bag
    Imp tail
    D angles
    Orange party trumpet
    Orange shirt
    Black pants
  • Magical9907Magical9907 Member
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    Angel Wings
    Chef Coat
    Ms.Claus skirt
    Fox tail

    Sometimes small alternations
  • IntimateIntimate Member
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    Although I dress up on holidays for a short time, I always wear:

    Pink Shirt
    Pink Pants
    Pink Skirt
    Cat Tail
    Kitten Ears
    Cat's Eye Glasses
    Fairy Wings

    I love these so much I dressed 100 mannequins in them, and I am working on my 2nd 100 dopplegangers. :)

  • -Alvin--Alvin- Member
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    Mine is. everythin with scythe...

    Always change name lol...almost thought KennyRoger is another player
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