When using Cut O Matik5000! You gotta choose what you want your pixels to be.. When I was doing bark wood pixels it turned out to be white pixels and i didn't ask for that.. Luckily it didn't consume the bark wood.
Has this happen to anyone??


  • I guess you accident clicked white pixel after clicking bark
  • Nope. It happens to me with all kind of pixels. Its super annoying and I barely get what I need from them
  • Did you have white plaster in the machine?
  • Yes
    But that's what you need to make coloured pixels. Annd in the bark wood. Yes I did
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    I'm pretty sure you don't need plaster for sculpty bark.

    And, when you put white plaster and dye in the machine, the first thing the will always pop up is white pixels. So you should select that colored pixel, that would be under the white pixels, before you start crafting. It has happened to me before but I've taken note since then.
  • Even if I click them it and click craft BAM! still white pixels come out
  • Even if I click them it and click craft BAM! still white pixels come out

    Then take the white plaster out when crafting anything but colored pixels.

    If you're crafting colored pixels and you still get white pixels then I don't know what to do.
  • This was a bug that I guess I assumed they fixed. It would always pick the first option. They putting plaster, and two colours of dye. Pick the second pixel option, and if I'm correct, it will pick the first kind of pixel.
  • UU Member
    As Berry said, it always picks the first option. If you put plaster, red dye, and blue dye. Then select blue pixels. It will create red pixels because it’s the first option.
  • U said:

    As Berry said...

    Like, duhhh. ALWAYS.

    (I'm only kidding btw :P. Kinda sad that I have to specify at this point)
  • Just remove the plaster
  • Yes. You can only have 1 color or 1 type of block, otherwise it will craft the first option, even if you dont click on it.
  • I've made thousands of sculpty and this has never happened to me.
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