Wrong Pet

Three different times people have came in my Duh House of Cats realm and all three pets shown as a Doog when they were in fact NOT a Doog. These 'Doogs' looked like Doogs and even barked as if they were Doogs but were Turkey, Black Cat and White Cat. These pets would only revert to the actual pet after I relog. I play on a PC.

One time I even saw a Turkey pet sitting on one of my sofa and 3 times I saw an Roo travel from the turkey to the jumping bed on my 5th floor like a dejavu and there were only us two players in the (my) realm. One player with a Turkey pet & me with no pet. The Roo went from the sofa to the bed repeatedly 3 times like a loop.


  • Too many mobs in one realm.
  • Idk i could get you in contact with a guy that could fix it tho
  • This is a bug, happened to me before, My friend have an elf and in my screen its doog, but you can just relog and fix this
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