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This player just opens the account of my cousin (riza123 is the name of the account) I dont know how...maybe because the password was too easy... the google account where the account used to be is caring wallace
I just talked with my cousin and she said that a player named ghost drop told her that he will give 100k if she give the password and my cousin gave her password...
please help her she is just 9 years old ;-;
I met with the player thats is using riza123 and he acts like he innocent!
I have a screenshot of our conversation then he leftwas :(

Mrs.Mecha: Why did you scam my cousin's account?
riza123(currently used by a scammer):
baket nya binigay - in english means ''why did she give?''

With his statement ''baket nya binigay'' or '' why did she give'' I can prove he scammed my cousin
My cousin said ghost drop told her(riza123) that he will give 100k if riza123 give her password in her(riza123) account...
so my cousin believed it and gave her password...
Now you're maybe asking ''how can u prove that by the statement '' baket nya binigay'' or ''why did she give'' that he scammed your cousin?''

Well I believe that this player said ''baket nya binigay'' or '' why did she give'' is like referring to why did riza123 gave her the password...
This things connects everything...I'll summarize it.
my cousin said ghost drop will give her 100k if she gave her password and then my cousin gave her password because shes nub and she's only 9 years old, and I asked ghostdrop (who is currently using the account of riza123) ''why did you scammed my cousin's account?''
and ghost drop (who is currently using the account of riza123) replied ''baket nya binigay'' or ''why did she give'' and that means ghost drop is referring to how he scammed my cousin and he still acts innocent because im thee only one that knows about it


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