My Block Suggestions (with pictures)

JackFuryJackFury Member
edited December 2018 in General Chat

Here are some of my ideas, which I created by retexturing items to make them in the game.

More Brick Variants



Silver (we have gold already, why not silver as well?)

Silver and Gold Brick Floor

The Cardboard Box that's Been in the Files for Ages


Sapphires, found in Mountain and Forest Mines

Topaz, found in Desert and Tropical Mines

Wooden Blocks

New Wood Flooring

Old Wood Flooring

Reinforced Wood Block

Not Ugly Stone Block

Fire Slyme

(yes I'm hiding behind a wall for the screenshot, the slyme was trying to murder my face)

What do you think? Have any more suggestions? I will continue to add to this discussion when I come up with new ideas. Comment your suggestions and if they're good, I'll make them and add them to this and credit you.



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